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There may be slight risks involved in any medical procedure – even including common cosmetic operations. Moderate risks for rhinoplasty work can include bleeding and infection. There may be a risk of scarring on some of the nose tissue, temporary swelling of the area (which is normal but may last longer for some people), and need for a second or third operation for revisions.

Don’t let that worry you, though – nose work is a very common operation and qualified surgeons are more than capable of handling any risks that may arise. Reputations are built on quality of care and proceeder, and getting the best results. When you choose an accredited and highly rated surgeon you really can’t g wrong.

The surgeon will help you decide what risks there may be for you personally, as well as expected outcomes and if any additional revisions are necessary. In the hands of a qualified surgeon you’ll have the best care and get the best results for your new look.

Talk to your rhinoplasty doctor and review options and goals. Be frank with him about what you’re looking to achieve following surgery.

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