rhinoplasty procedure pennsylvania Perhaps the most important thing to consider when considering any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery is this: How much will it cost?

Rhinoplasty surgery is a very personal and individual procedure, and that means the cost of rhinoplasty is going could be higher or lower depending on a number of factors. Talking over the price of having rhinoplasty done with your doctor, as well as financing options available to you, will help you make sure that when the operation is done you’ll be happy with your cosmetic surgery experience.

With a little research and the right planning, you can have a nose job that’s more affordable than you think – without any reduction in the quality of care.

How Rhinoplasty Costs Break Down

Every future rhinoplasty patient wonders, “How much does a nose job cost?” While it might not be possible to figure the exact cost of rhinoplasty for you personally, the cost range for rhinoplasty can vary greatly – it might be as low as $4,000 in some areas and over $10,000 in others. What makes the cost of a nose job swing so much are several factors, ultimately depending on your own needs and goals.

Here’s a quick overview of rhinoplasty costs* (more low to highly experienced surgeons), including how much extra you might add to the cost for additional facial cosmetic procedures:

Procedure Low to Medium** High
Rhinoplasty Only $4,500 $12,000
Additional: Chin Augmentation (chin liposuction, chin implant, etc) $2,000 $6,500
Additional: Eye Lift $2,500 $8,500

*These costs are intended to give you an estimate of price, not exact cost parameters. Prices averages provided by RealSelf
**While not a hard and fast rule, generally you will pay more for a more experienced surgeon.

If you’re thinking it’s a pricey for an experienced surgeon to do your nose reconstruction or reshaping, you’re right – and while there are several factors that contribute to fluctuations in the cost, three main fee areas include:

· Surgeon’s Fee

The surgeon’s fee is just about the most variable. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the plastic surgeon cost for rhinoplasty was well over $4,000 – and that data is a few years. Again, remember that the amount of money your surgeon charges depends on the extent of the procedure – as well as the vital factor of training and experience your doctor has. Patients that plan on revision rhinoplasty or ones who are extensively changing their appearance can realistically expect to pay more for the procedure.

· Anesthesia Fee

The American Society of Plastic Surgery estimates the average cost for anesthesia for any cosmetic surgery will be up to $3,000. But as with the surgeon’s fee described above, you have to realize this can fluctuate as well depending on the extent of the surgery.

· Facility Cost

Location, location, location! Where you choose to have your rhinoplasty performed can significantly effect the overall cost you’ll pay for the procedure. The facility fee can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars (around $500) to upwards of several thousand. Factors that effect this component of the cost include location, length of operation, and the amount of time for post-operative care. Having your rhinoplasty in New York City or Chicago, for example, will mean you can expect a higher average facility fee.

Other Factors that Impact Rhinoplasty Cost

The three main areas listed above are the biggest things to consider when it comes to the cost of rhinoplasty, in Pennsylvania or anywhere. However, there are several other cost-effecting factors to discuss with your surgeon(s) before you make a final decision. These include:

  • Surgeon training
  • Extent of your surgery
  • Geographical location (city, state, etc.)
  • Services rendered
  • Post-operative care
  • Medications

Rhinoplasty Results: Quality is Better Than Cost

Remember that when it comes down to surgery, cheaper doesn’t mean better! While it’s important to stay within your means more important things like health, safety, and results should be your #1 priority. It might be tempting to go with a cheaper surgeon or with a less experience or less qualified surgeon, but doing so can negatively impact the results of having your nose reshaped. It can also mean additional costs later if revision rhinoplasty is needed.

Though nose job/rhinoplasty costs may seem high, the result is well worth the money. It can boost your appearance and self confidence and change your life a way you never thought possible.

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